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Unomojo is an enterprise of sustainable, charitable ventures dedicated to empowering a World of Good. Through Humble Birdie Charities, Unomojo contributes to organizations that improve the quality of life for individuals and families impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Humbled by any opportunity to do A World of Good, Unomojo welcome the chance to support other diverse and pressing giving initiatives within communities. We stand by organizations that have identified a problem, are passionate about changing the world, and are actively doing their part to make the solution happen.

Our Story

Humble humans Mo & Jo Rojas are American entrepreneurs and philanthropists. Electrically united by a shared vision to make the world a better place, the husband and wife mindfully support organizations that affect positive change for people with ASD, along with numerous other important causes. 

Successful businesspersons from very modest beginnings, they each channel their passion, resourcefulness, experience, and good fortune into making thoughtful contributions. By rooting their actions with intention, Mo & Jo encourage others to join their give-back state of mind.

Inspired by their children and moved by instances when humanity and kindness have shone brightly in their lives’, Mo & Jo intend to leave the legacy of a more compassionate and humbler world. Join the pair in doing A World of Good!

Mo + Jo = Uno

We Meaningfully Adopt Impactful Missions

Unomojo empowers missions & people to continue doing A World of Good in their communities. We believe in sustainably supporting the greatest needs of causes that contribute to a kinder, humbler world.

Unomojo’s contributions often support life enhancing services for people with Autism, including but not limited to health, housing, safety, family support, knowledge and skill development, education, vocational opportunities, and social integration. Our commitment extends to understanding and preventing challenges while empowering families with newfound knowledge and resources.


By leveraging technology & advancement, Unomojo crafts unique ways to solve problems facing communities.


In projecting our humanity, Unomojo serves as a model for others to take ownership of their potential to facilitate meaningful change.


Through acts of philanthropy, Unomojo is a reliable source that empowers organizations to leave their mark.

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